CMTP Releases White Paper on Advancing Enhanced Recovery for Surgical Patients

October 9, 2014


BALTIMORE, MD (October 9, 2014) - The Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) released "A Multi-stakeholder Agenda to Advance Enhanced Recovery for U.S. Surgical Patients." This white paper (available here) builds upon earlier work, including a multi-stakeholder forum in which participants discussed potential challenges and opportunities to accelerate the adoption of Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERPs) in the U.S. (meeting summary available here). The white paper shares key insights from the forum regarding potential steps to overcome barriers, and proposes a roadmap to accelerate the adoption of ERPs in the U.S.

One such insight is that institution-by-institution efforts to adopt ERPs for U.S. surgical patients are unlikely to result in a dramatic enough change to significantly reduce preventable complications and deaths for future surgical patients. A new national ERP stakeholder partnership could be established to provide a forum for collaboration and leadership that works across key health care stakeholder communities and experts that are already active in the U.S. ERP space. Such a partnership could issue a call to action among U.S. health care leaders and build a sense of urgency at the national level.

"We owe it to the millions of future patients and families who could be affected by serious and preventable harm from surgical complications to take this challenge seriously,” stated Sean Tunis, Founder and CEO of CMTP.  “The magnitude of change that needs to be accomplished can only happen through the alignment of the efforts of the full range of stakeholders."

White Paper Available Online Here

About CMTP
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Julie Simmons