MEDPAC Report (May 2010)

A review of the comparative effectiveness research (CER) landscape in the United States and its relevance to the Medicare program. CMTP was commissioned to complete this project by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC) as part of its continuing effort to explore ways to give Medicare flexibility to be a more innovative, value-based purchaser.

CMTP's review of CER and its relevance to Medicare, completed in May 2010, specifically examines:

  • The current status and potential direction for Medicare’s coverage with evidence development (CED) policies;
  • Mechanisms in place to enable Medicare’s engagement in setting a CER research agenda;
  • Opportunities to use CER to strengthen Medicare’s payment and coding policies.

Much of the review is drawn from the experiences of senior CMTP leaders in their work at the CMS, along with information obtained from key informant interviews and a literature review.  Case histories are used to illustrate opportunities and barriers to realizing the potential of CER for informing Medicare policies.

MEDPAC was particularly interested in the potential for strengthening Medicare’s authority to implement CED policies. THe attached files inlcude both CMTP's report to MEDPAC, and MEDPAC's report to Congress.