CMTP Announces Formation of Green Park Collaborative to Promote Innovation and Effectiveness of New

May 2, 2013

To provide a sustainable forum for the development of EGDs in other clinical domains, The Center for Medical Technology Policy also announced today the formation of the Green Park Collaborative – USA (GPC-USA). This is a new multi-stakeholder forum that will develop condition-specific study design recommendations to guide the generation of evidence needed to inform coverage and payment decisions in the United States. The GPC-USA will provide a trusted forum within which payers, life sciences companies, patients, clinicians, researchers, regulators and other stakeholders can engage in dialogue regarding methodological standards for studies intended to demonstrate real world effectiveness and value.

In 2013, GPC-USA will focus on developing methodological standards for clinical development and market access in oncology and diabetes. The primary goal of the GPC-USA is to promote better evidence of the real world benefits and harms of new technologies, while sustaining innovation. To improve the evidence available for reimbursement and clinical decisions, researchers from academic institutions and industry need to clearly understand what additional evidence is needed beyond that required for regulatory approval. GPC-USA, which held its first organizational meeting on May 1, will provide the forum necessary to address this need. For more information about GPC-USA, please contact Corinne Warren.