Payer Perspectives on Improving Usability of Effective Health Care Products (February 2014)

Bridging the Gap Between Information Needs and Evidence Translation. This report, produced for AHRQ's Effective Health Care (EHC) Program, provides payer perspectives on how to improve the usability of reports produced by the EHC program.

AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program conducts and supports comparative effectiveness research (CER) on pharmaceuticals, devices, and health care services.  In an effort to better engage payers in the CER process and on modifications or additions to reports and summary guides, AHRQ/CMTP recruited a panel of seven payers to collect feedback on two reports and their accompanying summary guides. 

This report summarizes payer feedback, which shows that users were not using EHC reports as a source of evidence for decision making, primarily due to a lack of clear recommendations.  They would like to engage with AHRQ on topic development and refinement and on the identification of future research needs, and would like reviews to include information regarding resource utilization and cost, quality of life, and certain subpopulations. They also generally support the inclusion of observational studies in comparative effectiveness reviews.

Based on the payer feedback, the paper also offers some strategies for engaging payers, including soliciting targeted input from payers on key questions for comparative effectiveness reviews and, for reviews already completed, gaining feedback on the best way to present research findings.

VIew the full report here.